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Intermediate level mosaic videos expands tile shaping techniques and focuses on exploring all kinds of materials from backers, to tiles, and the adhesives that bind them. These videos provide the techniques associated with the many material choices we have.

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mosaic panel with with grout around mosaic tiles

How to Choose Grout Color

If you pick the wrong color, you won't be happy with your mosaic and it can be very challenging to change the color after it is all cured. This video will teach you how to get it right every time. (3 min. 55 sec.)

drill bit cutting into wooden mosaic backer

How to Install a Hanging System on a Wood Backer

In this video you will actually get two hanging techniques. It is imperative that your hanging systems are installed before you begin to tile. (8 min. 17 sec.)

hammer tapping a mosaic hanging system into a backer

How to Install a Hanging System on a Foam Core Backer

Foam core (engineered backers) are strong, light, waterproof and becoming the standard for mosaics. Hanging systems are slightly different, but just as easy to install. This video takes it step-by-step. (5 min. 56 sec.)

woman marking glass tile with a marker

How to Master Keystones

This is a very important technique to understand because it is the cutting technique that enables us to form a curve without unsightly gaps. (6 min. 30 sec.)

biconvex shapes beign arranged

Making Biconvex Shapes for Mosaics (cutting fur, feathers, fire, & more)

To mosaic animals, birds or emulate fire, sky, water, etc. this technique is essential. All you need is a pair of nippers, glass and this technique. (3 min. 22 sec.)

trowel spreading thinset to mosaic backer

How to Apply Thinset on Large Areas

This video shows you how to use the proper technique for applying thinset for both horizontal and vertical mosaics, how to select the right tool, and how to save time when you do. (4 min. 44 sec.)

thinset being mixed in large bucket

How to Mix a Large Batch of Thinset

Mixing large batches of thinset is very different than mixing small batches. This video starts with tools and supplies and shows how to use them to make a large batch of thinset. (3 min. 41 sec.)

woman with mixing paddle on drill and large bucket

How to Mix a Large Batch of Grout

For mosaics that cover more than about 5 square feet this technique is what you will use to mix your grout. It is very different than mixing small batches. It covers tools, supplies and technique. (4 min. 53 sec.)

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