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How to Color Grout


Sometimes you need a certain color of grout that cannot be purchased at your local home improvement store. So what do you do? The answer is simple – color it yourself.

There are different materials artists have used to color grout: powdered pigments, acrylic paint, and concentrated liquid colorants such as Tintsall.

If you use powdered pigments (powdered colors), add the powder to the dry grout and mix before you add your water. That way you can get a better idea of the color you will get when it dries. Colors appear darker when wet.

When you choose to color your grout with acrylic paint, add it after you have mixed your powdered grout and water together. Additionally, go light on the water because your paint is a liquid.

My favorite is Tintsall. I've tried the powders and the paint, but much prefer the latter. I have found that powders are harder to judge what color you will get and are messer to use. Acrylic paint can fade over time and I have a hard time getting the right color I want using paint. So, when I tried Tintsall, it worked best for me. I got the best color results with this product.

Tintsall can be purchased from mosaic supply stores and is a concentrated liquid color. All you need are a few drops. Start by adding in a little and mixing well. Add more as you go if you want a darker color. With Tintsall, I have found that it doesn't really matter if you start with either a gray or white grout. The best play is to mix a little grout first then add some Tintsall to experiment with what color combinations you like.

The biggest note here of all: make sure you mix enough colored grout to do your entire project. If you have to mix more, it will be impossible to get the exact color again, unless you measure precisely and know the exact amounts of grout, water, and colorant. So, make enough the first time out. Trust me!

Another point on coloring grout is that you can change the grout color of a mosaic after you have finished grouting and it is all dry. Mix some acrylic paint with a little water and apply to the grout lines on your mosaic. Then just clean off any paint from the tesserae as needed. To me, this is a last-ditch effort to fix a bad choice of grout color, as all of us have made one time or another.

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