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How's it Hanging? Your Mosaics that Is.

mosaic of a pair of white hibiscus flowers

Do you think about how you will hang your mosaic before or after you begin your project? It seems trivial, but in fact, it is a crucial part of a successful mosaic. So, when you are about to create a mosaic, decide on how your piece will be displayed.

Here are some important considerations:

  • Is your mosaic going indoor or outdoor
  • What is your substrate made of
  • Will you frame your piece
  • Will you be adhering it straight to a wall
  • How heavy is your art

The reason you need to make this decision right up front is because you may need to install the hanging system prior to laying your first tesserae.

If your substrate is Skeewbacker, Wedi-board, Kerdiboard, Feathercore, etc. you have to install the wedi-washers on the front of your piece and the matching screws and nuts on the back before you begin. Then you can adhere your tiles over the wedi-washers.

If your piece is an indoor piece, it is common to use D-rings or similar hangers with screws, that are no longer than the thickness of your base, on the back of your mosaic. Just be careful that you use the right size hangers for the weight of your artwork.

If you are creating an outdoor mosaic that you want to attach to a wall, make sure you know what the wall is made of - concrete block, frame with stucco, etc. Then choose the correct hanging system for the wall and the weight of your mosaic.

If you are considering framing your wall art, you probably already know that frames can be expensive. Another option that I have enjoyed is using a "free form" shape that doesn't require any framing at all, like the hibiscus flowers above.

Whatever way you choose to display your mosaic, make sure you decide before you begin your project. That way, any engineering you have to do is included in the design and will ensure a successful, beautiful outcome.

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