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Grouting Cleanup - The Dry Technique


Grouting can be an intimidating process, but it also finishes and beautifies your mosaic when clean up is done properly. Some artists clean away the grout using wet sponges, but I have found that doing this just moves around the wet grout from area to area and doesn’t work well for me.  My favorite technique is the Dry Technique. Here’s how you do it:

After spreading your grout on your mosaic, wait a few minutes for it to start to set up. You will see a “haze” start to develop on the tops of the tiles. This is the grout drying.

I recommend using dry terry cloth rags as their rough texture helps clean the tiles. Start with 4-5 dry, clean rags and for the first cleaning, use a light touch. With your rag, rub over the tops of the tiles. After a few wipes, move you’re your rag to a clean spot and repeat rubbing the tops of the tiles. Continually move your rag to a clean spot, lightly rub, repeat as much as needed until you see the clean tops of your tiles starting to come through.

You will have to do this process several times and after it’s looking clean, you may choose to be more detailed and wipe each tile individually.  

When you’ve cleaned your mosaic, let it sit for 24 hours, then you can wipe with a slightly wet cloth or sponge. If you see any grout "haze" remaining, use a combination of vinegar and water and lightly rub on top to remove the haze and shine up the tiles. For any stubborn areas, you may need to use Skeewpicks to get in those tiny cracks and crevices.

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