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Getting Started In Mosaics – What to Expect

(part 7 of 7)
mosaic water lily with detailed edge

Part 7. Cleaning:

This last section is about after you have grouted your piece. As I mentioned in Part 6, if you continue to see any grout "haze" use vinegar and water and lightly rub on top to remove the haze and shine up the tiles.

Other clean up challenges can be grout trapped in those tiny crevices of porous tiles or tiles that have texture. These can be frustrating. Try using a tool with a sharp, narrow point to get in there to remove those annoying spots. Skeewpicks are a set of 4 tools that I use and work great for these types of challenges. (Here's a video I made showing how they work)


How do you finish out the edge of your mosaic? The most common way is framing. If you don't have it in a frame already, you have some options. You can try painting the edges of your wood or wediboard. You can also wrap your wedi board edge with fiberglass mesh and thinset, then paint. Other options for edging can be gluing fabric, rope, tiles, metal strips, just whatever compliments your design.

Don't forget to paint the back as well, this will give your piece a nice, finished look. If you are hanging it in a gallery, printout your bio and tape it on the back. People want to learn about you, the artist, when purchasing your work.

Sealing your mosaic is another question I am frequently asked. Years ago, a professional tile layer and all-around cement "guru" told me that grout needed to "breathe". So since I work mainly in glass, I do not seal my glass mosaics unless there is a possibility of the grout being stained, like in a kitchen backsplash. However, if you are using porous or unglazed ceramic tiles, and unpolished stone, then sealing is necessary. There are grout and tile sealers as well as sealers for stone in local home improvement stores.

Cleaning and detailing are very important finishes you need to put on each mosaic piece you create. It just raises your creativity to a higher level. So go, mosaic and have fun!

Note: See this demonstrated in a video

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