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Let's Cut a Cup In Half With Our Wet Saw!


Materials You'll Need:

  • Wide-brimmed glass cup
  • Safety goggles
  • Taurus 3 wet saw
  • Marker
  • Painter's tape
  • Lip balm
  • Straight edge

Using a wet saw to cut a cup is easy – you just need to think and plan a little before you grab the cup and start cutting.

First, you want to use a cup that is wider than it is deep to be able to fit inside the blade of your saw. You have a limited amount of space between your cutting grid and the arm of the blade, so you need to plan for items that fit into this space.

Here's the process for cutting a cup in half:

  1. Mark where you want your cut to go. Using a straight edge, lay it over the top of your cup to figure out where you want to cut your cup in half. Then mark on the rim where to start and stop your cuts using a marker. Also make a mark in the bottom of the cup so you have a beginning mark, a mark in the middle and an ending mark on the cup.
  2. Use your painters tape and run it along the marks you made. Draw a line along the edge of the tape so that you will be to see where you want your cut to go. Then remove your tape. This line is essential to have so you can guide your cup during the cutting process.
  3. Take the lip balm and coat your marker line to keep the line from floating away when cutting with your saw. Water will lift marker off and away and then you'll not be able to see where to cut anymore. So this is a very important step.
  4. Now you're ready to cut but first, put on your safety glasses. Before you turn on your saw, practice how you will rotate your cup. Then turn on your saw and position the blade on your line and gently press the cup against your blade.
  5. If you find that water starts to pool inside your cup obscuring your line, then gently tip the cup so that the water can run out while the saw is still running.
  6. After you reach as far as you can go, back out slowly and turn your cup to the other mark on the other side and repeat this same process.
  7. This is very important: when your cuts are about to meet, use a very light touch until the cut is all the way through, this keeps your cup from breaking incorrectly. Also, if there are any high spots on the cutting edge, you can use the blade to grind it down. Then if there are any rough edges, use your stained glass grinder to smooth them away.

Now you should have 2 sides of your cup that you can use in two mosaics if you'd like. It takes some practice to become very skilled at this but you should be pleased with your results.

If you'd like to watch me cut a cup on my Taurus 3 ring saw, just watch the video here. More information about Taurus 3 ring saws at

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