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Articles on Grout in Mosaics

close up of grout being colored green

How to Color Grout

Sometimes you need a certain color of grout that cannot be purchased at your local home improvement store. So what do you do? The answer is simple – color it yourself. Here's how.

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close up of grout being applied with float

Grouting Cleanup - The Dry Technique

Grouting can be an intimidating process, but it also finishes and beautifies your mosaic when clean up is done properly. Some artists clean away the grout using wet sponges, but I have found that doing this just ...

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grout being mixed in a plastic tub

Getting Started In Mosaics – What to Expect

Part 6 of 7
"Grout is your friend." My motto! Grout color is super important and is a common question people ask me with regard to their project. Your grout color should ...

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mosaic of a close-up view of the eyes of a fox

4 Tips to Prevent Cleanup Challenges

All of us, at one time or another, experience the frustrations of cleaning your mosaic piece before you grout and then again after you grout. Sometimes it can be ...

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