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Mosaic Backers

children making community art mosaic

New Things I Learned Using Self-Adhesive Mesh

As you can imagine, having students apply thinset on the back of their tiles was quite a messy problem. Lots and lots of thinset everywhere. Lots and lots of ...

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mosaic fans

Wedi Board and Cement Board Compared

Choosing the right substrate for your mosaic is critical to its longevity. A mosaic that may get wet should be on a moisture resistant or waterproof backer. Cement board has been around the longest and may thereby be best known, but ...

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mosaic fans

The Direct Method + Mesh = Voila!

There are different types of methods you can use to lay your tesserae. My favorite, and probably the most common one, is the Direct Method. What this basically means is that you...

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mosaic fans

The Beauty of Epiphanies

Robyn Abrams shared with me that one morning she "sat straight up in bed" when she got her "ah-ha" moment! How to make these fans is the beauty of the epiphany.

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3d mosaic made from fishing hat

Creating 3-D Mosaics – A Case Study

There are some unique techniques (hey that rhymes!) that go with a 3-D surface. This is a case study on how I created "Gone Fishin."

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mosaic made from glass bottle

How to Create a Mosaic Sculpture out of Glass Bottles

Ever wonder what to do with those empty glass bottles in your home? Well, Kathy Alpert has found a really creative answer. She recently exhibited her mosaic sculptures at the Piece-by-Piece Mosaic Exhibition here in Orlando and graciously told me ...

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mosaic of white hibiscus flowers hanging on wall

How's It Hanging?

Do you think about how you will hang your mosaic before or after you begin your project? It seems trivial, but in fact, it is ...

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corner of wedi board showing sandwich of foam and rigid layers

What is Wedi Board and Why Use It?

Wedi Board is normally used in the construction industry as an underlayment for bathrooms, showers, floors, anywhere that needs waterproof material. However, mosaic artists have discovered that this material is perfect for...

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mosaic of a water lily with a detailed edge

How to use Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh

I was curious to see if it could replace the mesh I was using that did not have any adhesive at all to it and required me to adhere each piece to the mesh. This is my account of the experience and 3 easy steps for using it.

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e mosaic backer materials - fiberglass mesh, skeewbacker, and wood

Getting Started In Mosaics – What to Expect

Part 5 of 7
Choosing a backer and the appropriate adhesive is very crucial to the success of your mosaic project. Being familiar with your choices in backers and adhesives will ...

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