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Mosaic Adhesives

mosaic shape for frog with red eyes

How to Minimize Cleanup for Your Mosaic

Tired of all that cleanup? Sometimes it can be very challenging to get all the glue and cement off your tiles and make your mosaic art look really clean and finished. Here are a couple of tips that might help alleviate some of these problems and save you ...

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tesserae sliding on a vertical mosaic

4 Tips for How to Conquer Gravity

Gravity can be a real headache when no matter how carefully you place your tesserae, they keep sliding down. Here's some ideas on how to manage it.

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pebble and vitreous tile mosaic

Pebbles, Rocks, Shells ... oh my!

Good friends of mine own property that has a beautiful rocky river flowing through it. While visiting there, I wrangled my girlfriend and our husbands to help collect rocks and pebbles. Not only was it fun, but ...

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white glue being applied to glass

How Much Adhesive Does it Take?

We had to learn about the quantities of adhesives that are needed for a mosaic. What we learned will help you plan your projects whether it is for ...

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e mosaic backer materials - fiberglass mesh, skeewbacker, and wood

Getting Started In Mosaics – What to Expect

Part 5 of 7
Choosing a backer and the appropriate adhesive is very crucial to the success of your mosaic project. Being familiar with your choices in backers and adhesives will ...

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